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All Power to the Imagination! is a conference that brings together academics and activists for a weekend of critically-informed exchange. Presentations and workshops broadly address the topic of how theory and practice can work together to create stronger, more successful social movements. As a potential presenter, we encourage you to join us and look forward to learning and organizing with you! We offer partial stipends for presenters. We will provide childcare during the conference and arrange pickup for most people from the airports if given advanced notice.

Presentations, workshops, and group discussions may be on but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Networking techniques
  • Theories, strategies, and ideologies behind social movements
  • Connecting theory and practice
  • Direct Action (thoughts and workshops)
  • Practical Skills
  • Sarasota/Florida/Southeast Activism
  • Anti-Imperialism/Anti-War
  • Autonomous Communities
  • Class
  • Anti-Racism
  • Immigrant Rights
  • Indigenous Rights
  • Globalization and Neo-Liberalism
  • Gentrification and Housing
  • Labor Movements
  • Art and Visual Culture
  • Radicalism in Academia
  • Religion
  • Radical History
  • The analysis of past movements
  • Use of technology in social movements
  • Anarchist Processes and Models
  • Gender Issues
  • Feminism
  • Health
  • Anti-colonialism/post-colonial theory
  • Radical/social justice education
  • Student and Youth Movements
  • Deep/social ecology
  • Anti-Consumerism/Freeganism
  • Animal Liberation
  • Veganism and Vegetarianism

And anything else that contributes to our goals!

Sessions will be 1 hours and 15 minutes.

Presenters will not be required to pay the registration fee. Presenters will also have priority for free housing and travel stipends.

If you would like to present at the conference, please

Submit a Proposal

Advanced Workshops

If your workshop requires multiple blocks of time, we are willing to structure the schedule in a way that allows you to present on all the material. This could be in the form of an introductory workshop and a following more in-depth presentation that builds off the first, or just multiple blocks of time to fulfill a more demanding (time-wise) skillshare.

If you are interested in building off of material presented on in the last conference, we encourage you to do so!

Art Gallery and Panel

If you are interested in submitting pieces for an art gallery or are interested in sitting on a related panel, please email us for more information.


There will be space available for organizations, collectives, publishers, zine distros, and other people to set up tables.

Tables are free to those not selling things. The fee to sell things (movies, books, zines, patches, etc) at your table is $10 or 15% of your profit.

Check back later to reserve a table space or email [email protected]

Submit a Proposal