30 years of Radical Independent Media-Cultures of Resistance: The Earth First! Case Study

A dialogue regarding the history and perspectives within Earth First!, both before and while it was being heavily impacted by the Green Scare. How this direct action culture emboldened, fortified and furthered actions and how we are now seeing very evidently with all of the court documents coming out today, that a lot of the courageous actions, including monkeywrenching and sabotage, taken in the 90′s and 2000′s were relationships/affinities that grew out of Earth First! culture. We want to assess this with the convergence and talk about the lessons we need to learn from the Green Scare, including some specific improvements in security culture. But more importantly, we want to discuss rebuilding resistance cultures that celebrate all the tools in the tool box and repel the chill factor from repression. We seek to learn lessons about our movement security, grow stronger from it and talk and act louder then ever, more boldly then ever about supporting a vibrant movement, both above and below ground.

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Panagioti Tsolkas, Earth First! Journal editorial collective