The Accumulation of Freedom: Anarchist Economic Critique, Practice, Analysis, and Vision

This discussion centers on anarchist analyses of capitalism and propositions for a world free of oppression, domination, and the institutionalization of coercive social control and is based generally on the new collection The Accumulation of Freedom: Writings on Anarchist Economics (AK Press). Do we have to accept living in a society divided between the wealthy few and the wanting many? Must people starve? Is the state eternal? Does the world as it is constituted need cops, prisons, bosses, and politicians? How does the economy intersect with things like racism, sexism, rigid gender roles, compulsory monogamy, and heteronormativity? Do we have to live like this? Are other worlds possible? These questions will be explored broadly, focusing specifically on anarchist contributions to economics, with a brief talk followed by an open discussion on anarchism, economics, and the accumulation of freedom in a world organized by hierarchy, coercion, and control.
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Deric Shannon