Building Solidarity with the Arab Spring

2011 dawned with the third most important change in the Middle East. The other two were the arbitrary division of the borders of the Middle East by Cognac-intoxicated colonials. The second being the military revolutions that swept the Middle East and put in place a dictator in every country. Now this, the most positive change: the sweeping aside of arbitrary divisions and dictatorships. Arabs in the Middle East are setting the blueprint for revolution in the twenty-first century. The talk and discussion will address how Western activists can build solidarity with these revolutions, and how to harness this momentum for change locally. Zein was born and raised in Lebanon, and lived in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain before moving to the United States. He is one of the founding members of Left Turn magazine and a longtime DC community activist. Zein leads an annual trip to Egypt, where students learn about the history, politics, and society through the literature of the country. He also works as an interpreter for the Iraqi Trade Union leadership during their visits to the United States.
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Zein El-Amine