Columbia's Student-Worker Solidarity Group and What the Same Approach can Accomplish at NCF

Since its inception less than a year ago, Columbia's SWS group has accomplished real change in the conditions in which the employees of two Columbia food service institutions work, and is now joining up with people who have been fighting unethical expansions of the Columbia campus for decades. New College's housekeeping staff work under much more adverse conditions than the paradoxically more visible Sodexo food service employees at Columbia or at NCF. Some of them have worked at New College for over ten years without seeing a living wage, or a single substantial raise. During that time, white middle-class male bosses have come and gone in positions that oversee, acting as though they, as newcomers, know more about this school than the black lower-class employees who deal with students and their messes on a day-to-day basis. If students can stage a sit-in over wall times, they can stage one over the continued exploitation of the workers they must face each morning when they wake up, and each afternoon when they return from class to a sink surprisingly free of dishes. I propose to introduce a founding member of Columbia SWS to explain how they've done what they've done, and then to lead a discussion of how groups like SWER can apply these same tactics at New College (and elsewhere, depending on who attends the talk).
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Nolan Bensen