Critical Mass Bike Ride and March

There will be a ~critical mass~ bike ride coming from New College campus (@10am) and Bayou Oaks neighborhood (@10:30am) biking along Old Bradenton up to MLK and then south on Orange Ave. which will meet the foot marchers downtown. The critical mass will observe that the law stipulates that roads without bike lanes allot the entire lane to the biker, otherwise bikers must restrict themselves to bike lanes. Those on bike will then meet marchers, which will rendezvous at the Whole Foods//city parking garage (second floor) at 11am on Sunday, April 19th. The protestors will then work through downtown on Main st. and cut over to Ringling and East ave. at 301 Washington Blvd, ending at Payne Park's Amphitheater next to the Sarasota Police Department. Feel free to coordinate a biking group or caravan coming from your own community to meet at the Whole Foods//City Lot or Payne Park proper!
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