decentralize yourself: on doing it together

noah klein, a community organizer among fields of radical inclusivity, will discuss organizing with fmly and the silent barn to emphasize community in the independent arts. through mass bike rides featuring illegal public performances, weekend long festivals attracting artists, audience, and volunteers from around the world, and dozens of other endeavors, the socially conscious global community fmly hacked homogenous structures of social organization to prove that with a critical mass of sincere ambition the collective *we* can truly manifest any vision. the silent barn is a community organized multidisciplinary arts space which exists as a microcosm of social and economic practice, and as more people embody this relationship this leaderless project might just become a fundamental way of being. these types of constructive social interactions develop temporary autonomous spaces, and the proliferation of these practices can at large help eradicate many of the illnesses of society
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noah klein