Direct Action For the Wild

Are you sick of watching the planet be toxified, wild areas destroyed,
and billionaires getting even richer as a result? Want to do something
about it? Big green NGOs are one avenue, but you may also be sick of
investing time, energy, and hope into "campaigns" that end in
compromise, political brokering, and diplomacy with the very assholes
you set out to stop in the first place. "Direct Action for the Wild"
will present you, dear human, with a few alternatives. We will discuss
direct action strategies and tactics as they relate to direct action
campaigns to defend the Earth from destructive projects such as mining,
logging, oil and gas extraction, and pipeline projects. We'll also talk
about principals of the Earth First! movement, and lend insight we have
gained as rabble rousers in such movements and our work as the Earth
First! Journal Collective.

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