Discussion of alternative feminine hygiene methods

She will bring information about the alternatives to disposable tampons and pads for collecting fluid lost during menstruation. These include but are not limited to: menstrual cups, sea sponges, and washable/reusable homemade or store bought pads. This presentation may also cover other interesting devices made especially for women, such as the "go girl" or "pee-style" devices that allow women to pee standing up more easily. Men and women are both encouraged to attend. (A note to the boys: although you might not think these issues affect you, be aware that your opinions can make a difference to the girl or girls in your life. Your openness about alternatives can help inspire openness in others.) The majority of girls and women have long been taught that their menstrual period is something gross to be hidden from the world and not to be talked about. This discussion is aimed at breaking down those ideas and sharing ideas that may seem radical, but are actually both more practical and more environmentally sound than what we are taught in school or by the media. Disposable pads and tampons contribute an uncountable amount of waste to our finite world, as well as end up costing hundreds to thousands of dollars over a lifetime and almost certainly altering how a woman feels about the natural process of menstruation. This discussion will hopefully help all in attendance feel more comfortable talking about their bodies as well as help to dispel myths and answer questions about the alternatives to disposable pads and tampons.
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Nancy Rose