Diy Soap

This presentation will demonstrate the cold-process form of soap making and maybe touch on melt-n-pour and glycerine soaps. It would likely take about 30 - 50 minutes for the entire work shop. We'll talk about where to source your oils, herbs, and lye. There will also be a demonstration on how to actually make soap, and the presentation will cover the benefits of natural, organic skin care vs. commercial. This presentation is all about DIY homesteading. If you can make your own soap and bread what more do you need? Self reliance, mad knowledge, and a cool new way to express your creativity. I think soap crafting is a seriously stellar tool to have under your belt. No matter if you are using it to make soap for your family and friends, or if you start your own business out of it. Handmade soap can change the world, one bar at a time.
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Kim Vorperian