Encrypt Everything!: Radical Organization and Safety Online

Discussion/workshop which centers around the question of how we can safely and effectively organize online, providing some practical methods and suggestions for direct actions and organization techniques in online spaces.

The first part will focus on discussing how the internet and other information tech can be used for radical organization, how online activity and collected data are used as tools of power by government and law enforcement, why we ought to be conscious of personal and group communications and presences online, what kinds of direct and indirect actions we can take in online spaces, and other related questions.

This workshop will cover security for digital communications, web browsing, smartphones, computers, cloud storage and more, best practices for keeping yourself and those around you cybersecure during direct actions, and securing your identity both on and off-line. Participants will be provided with an encrypted USB containing security tools for everyday use. We’ll look at concrete tools and methods used for safely browsing, communicating, and sharing resources online. We will then look at and discuss already-existing online spaces for online radical action, communication, and organization, and look at implementations available to both individuals and groups looking to either join existing spaces or actions, or create their own.

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Brad Baker and Savannah Anti-Repression Crew