Exporting the Occupation: Israel's Pacification Industry

The global financial crisis has accelerated the pre-existing trend of divergence between wealthy and poor nations, and wealthy in poor inside nations, as well as sharpening the power stratification between various status groups. The forces driving urbanization - most conspicuously appearing as slum growth in Southern cities - have also continued regardless of the limited economic opportunity. Political, military and police planners have adjusted their doctrines to these trends as well as the rise of Clash of Civilizations doctrine and its military component, the "War on Terror". Israel, with over 40 years of operations inside Palestinian urban areas, has the most extensive experience urban counterinsurgency amongst countries in the world. The lecture and discussion will focus on Israel and the Occupation's role in the young and growing market for "pacification" strategies, equipment and techniques that are already being used in Iraq, Afghanistan, the United States and Canada.
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Jimmy Johnson: