Freedom is Pedagogical: Education for Liberation A participatory emergent design workshop Pt. 2

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If a caring heart, a commitment to the struggle, and a practice of hard work alone could change the world, a revolution would have already happened. But pedagogy is at the heart of liberation. We have a vision for the world we want, a world where all life thrives, but we’re not there yet. We don’t known exactly how to overcome the oppression we face, and how to create a world where we all thrive. We are on a learning journey. Activism and education need each other to create change. In this participatory workshop we will come together to share our knowledge and experience with radical education models such as deschooling, liberation pedagogy, popular education (Paulo Freire), and direct education (Training for Change.) The workshop will use emergent design, a tool that encourages participants to collectively choose the content they are most interested in discussing. No prior knowledge of any of these models is needed. Everyone is joyously welcomed to participate.

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Clarissa Rogers