Grassroots City Planning: An Interactive Workshop

This participatory workshop will explore methods of city planning from the bottom up. Using a framework developed in Detroit, the workshop will help participants find new ways to narrate the built environment of towns and cities and set proactive frameworks in which the government is a respondent to grassroots action and power rather than the initiator of city plans. Blank paper and a straightedge or the electronic equivalents thereof will be useful but not necessary for the exercises. A printed map of the physical geography in which participants are most active will be very useful if not necessary and the workshop presenter can pre-print maps if the participants cannot print one of their own (send print requests to whateverwithjj at gmail dot com with the following information as example - “Print a neighborhood map of Sarasota, FL, with the street boundaries of Fruitville, Browning, Tuttle and Shade”).

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Jimmy Johnson