To Know is Not Enough— How Hampshire College Became the First to Divest from Israel:

Will Delphia, from Hampshire College will share a short documentary about the Hampshire College campaign for divestment from the occupation of Palestine. Hampshire is often credited with being the first US college to divest for the occupation, and his video attempts to understand the group and the campaign that made it happen. The video is constructed from interviews with over a dozen student activists from 'Hampshire College Students for Justice in Palestine.' After the screening there will be discussion about the role of media in community organizing, and in this case, student activism. The film centers around the movement for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions to protest the oppressive policies and actions of the Israeli military in the occupied territories. In BDS work, the tactic of choice is raising our voice. Education of publics and shifting discourses toward human rights away from justifying suffering and injustice - media then becomes a vital part in any movement that challenges the status quo, in search of just peace.
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Will Delphia