Know your Rights! A workshop/presentation on what to do when confronted by agents of the State.

I will be providing a basic break down of First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment Rights, along with covering basic Constitutional concepts and how they have progressed to the current state of civil rights, concentrating on how those rights protect us in our everyday lives when confronted by the police. This presentation will inevitably touch on social issues, philosophy, civil rights in general, and will primarily concern the assertion of ones rights when performing acts that will confront the State and the sources of its systemic injustice (e.g. protesting). How it Relates: It relates in that it will provide those involved in the anarchist community with the information they need to defend themselves while protesting, putting the ideas that this conference encourages and promotes into action, and even during routine tasks such as driving or walking down the street. It is vital to the promulgation of radical ideas that radicals know how to best prepare their defense should the State attempt to silence them through the "justice system" before they even get the chance to speak to their lawyer, for lawyers often times can only work within the confines of the decisions that the defendant made during the course of being detained.
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Robert Adams