March to the Park Action

Mission/Goals: On Sunday, April 19th will be our action, which traditionally wraps up API weekend. This year, we've planned a #March to the Park, for which we've put together a march through downtown and a "critical mass" bike ride from New College and Newtown to Payne Park downtown. Once here, we'll hold a Speak Out for people to speak to their experiences w institutional racism, abuse of officer discretion, among other local struggles in an effort to renew the accountability we ask of our city government to address these problems. The speak out will be followed by small group discussions led by trained student facilitators from New College to aid residents in the formulation of demands for Sarasota City Government and the SPD. This is a rally and demonstration to recognize and call out the divisions between our community— many the result of historic segregation of Sarasota— and the disenfranchisement this has brought from City Government, and the exercise of its law enforcement. We plan for the ideas shared at this event to evolve into a White Paper which will hold both personal testimonies and demands for change in response to these. We intend for this to be distributed and presented to city government and police once complete.

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