Musical Improvisation Workshop

Through musical improvisation and the art of listening, we channel divine inspiration. We become vessels for soulful sound. We let the Spirit speak through us. This workshop provides a setting for us to consciously explore sound in ways that connect the mind, body and soul. The primary intention is to enhance our listening abilities in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. Listening is key. As we listen, we hear each other and ourselves together in unity. We listen for our place in the music – we learn to be the music. The workshop is open to everyone, regardless of musical experience or previous musical study. Our goal is to access realms of music which are seldom covered or even mentioned in musical academia. Improvisation gives us a sense of freedom as we consciously co-create our own reality. We carry this sense of freedom out into every aspect of our lives. Just as we listen for our place in the music, we listen for our place in the world at large. In this way, we learn to live in harmony. Activities include: -Group vocal toning -Ear training (the art of listening) -Jam sessions -Call and response
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Flint Blade