People of Color Caucus

One thing that often gets in the way of the political work we do is when group dynamics start to reflect the fucked up systems of oppression we’re trying to dismantle. Those with the most social capital (or privilege) default into leadership roles, unintentionally silencing those who are already marginalized in society, which leads to weak and splintered organizing. There’s a tool to combat unequal group dynamics called “caucusing,”; where we meet to create safe spaces, to normalize critical thinking and self-reflection, and to support each other in challenging shitty dynamics when they come up. Members of a group break up into caucuses based on their relation to a given system of oppression. The caucuses are not meant to tokenize or create spokespeople for a group, but to help us recognize and combat the binaries that pervade our society and intersect with our radical circles. Caucus themes include, but are not limited to: womnyn/gender-queer/male allies, people of color/white anti-racist allies, disabled/able-bodied allies, LGBTQ/straight allies, working class/ middle class/ruling class allies.
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Sabina Ahmed, Lupita Chavez Alvarez, Laura Stevick