The Politics of Direct Attack: The discourse of insurrectionary communiqués

This project focuses on these emergent networks of anti-state attack through a detailed examination of their textual ephemera. These texts—which span more than 1,500 pages—were gathered from the so-called ‘international counter-information and translation service of the new generation of incendiary anarchy and global anti-civilization attack.’ This insurrectionary corpus is assembled to answer a number of key questions: What does the collective theory, as developed though the object of the communiqué, contribute to our understanding of violence, power and authority? What can we conclude about the adoptable moniker and the anonymous communiqué in terms of form? What does an internationalized movement mean for our understanding of space and place? Drawing on post-Marxist, anarchist, and poststructural critical theory, we will explore what the deterritorialization of the “Black International” has meant for the modern articulation of resistance and its resulting discursive battles waged on the web.

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Michael Loadenthal