From Potsherds to Smartphones— Anarchism, Archeaology, and the Material World

This presentation will examine how anthropology and archaeology are currently being used and misused in anarchist texts. It will focus on how primitivism engages in a “discourse of purity” that undermines anthropology; examine the dichotomous responses of many anarchists when thinking about technology (with primitivists on one side and transhumanists on the other); discuss the conflation of anticorporate activism with an antimaterialist sentiment; and look at the ways in which the study of material culture and archaeology can be productive for anarchist theory. James is a born-and-raised Floridian, and one of the cofounders of the All Power to the Imagination! conference. He currently works at his alma mater, the New College of Florida, in the office of Volunteerism and Service Learning. His research is centered around the relationship between people and stuff.
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James Birmingham