Radical Care in Healthy Movements Part II

Some radicals of years past have been accused of falling victim to the idea that 'revolution was just around the corner'. And the way they cared (or didn't care) for themselves & others, and the degree to which they set up long-term, sustainable communities of resistance was reflected in this ideology. But for those of us who value pre-figurative politics & believe that radical social change that seeks to undo all forms of oppression will take generations, we believe care is a crucial concept moving forward. Aiming to move past the sometimes narrow (and individualistic, capitalistic. etc.) concepts of 'self-care', we aim to explore what does it mean to practice collective care. We will explore what collective care can mean for communities both as a strategy to be used to strengthen social justice movements, as well a goal for what type of society we are struggling for in the first place. We will explore theoretical concepts of radical care (like carino! ), as well as practical examples of tools & ways of organizing with & around care that some radical groups are practicing. We will utilize presentation, personal stories, group discussion and activities in hopes that we can all share with & care for one another!
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Adam Roca & Andrea Ortiz