Revolution of Rechilding

I will teach people to laugh, relax, and let go of their adult-minded hangups that are holding them back from where they want to be. I am working on relaxing my inner adult, and I have been noticing positive results. When we can laugh and dance and play every day, not just once in a while, we will be healthier. Adults argue. Adults have overblown egos a lot of times. Adults usually don’t listen to you talk, they just think of what to say for their turn to talk. They talk AT YOU. I have been guilty of these. I also believe many radicals and anarchists take their theory and practice of principles far too seriously. So many meetings I've been to that are radical in some ways, but seem like they are imitating a bureaucracy. If people in the radical scene start laughing more, we can start arguing less. And we can stop wasting energy on the little things. I believe art, theater, music, and clowning are awesome ways to bring about the new world we want to see. They point and laugh and poke fun at the idiotic ways capitalism treats people, and bring fresh ideas to the collective consciousness. Before we bring about the collapse of industrial complexes, we should create the things that will replace the old, dark ways of operating: radically autonomous zones.
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Jakes Jones aka Anjel Friend