Settler Colonialism, Militarism & Empire

The United States and Israel share histories as European settler societies as well as having heavily militarized societies and economies. The European settlement of North America and the Zionist settlement of Palestine created not only the nations of the United States and Israel, but they also created enduring settler societies and political cultures that continue to shape the histories and politics of both nations. The U.S. continues to fight 'Indian Wars' in both name and deed, reproducing 'noble' and 'civilizing' narratives of Indian Removal in the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is using tools developed in Israel's continued settlement of Palestinian lands to do so. From Disney to drone wars the specter of settler colonialism dominates policy and discourse, but passes by largely unnoticed. Jimmy Johnson is an organizer, dancer and writer in Detroit. He is former International Coordinator for the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, founder of Neged Neshek, and co-founder of Decolonize Detroit
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Jimmy Johnson