Solidarity with Africa's Future in African Hands

An organizer from the All African People's Development and Development Project (AAPDEP-USA) will be presenting on the work being done in Sierra Leone to overturn the grave condition of the highest infant and maternal mortality in the world. AAPDEP- Sierra Leone is currently building birth clinics, schools, and vegetable gardens though the leadership of native Nurse Midwife Mary Koroma. Currently Nurse Mary is touring the US and will be in St.Pete May 2nd. This presentation at API will be a sort of introduction of the work being done and also to promote the concept of SOLIDARITY, NOT CHARITY! Organizers from the Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM) will discuss why we must stand in solidarity with African self-determination as opposed to the standard model of charity which is a false solution that maintains parasitic capitalism.Instead material solidarity to African people allows the conditions to be overturned in order to have solid, sustainable change allowing for economic development as controlled by Africans, allowing for self-determination in their own hands.
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Uhuru Solidarity Movement