White folks Working Towards Racial Justice, Part 1

This part is for folks who acknowledge their own white privilege & that we, as white folks, have a specific responsibility in undoing it as part of the greater work for social justice. We will use a combination of presentation & group discussion to: -come to a common understanding of terms like 'white' & 'people of color' (POC), and explore why we use them & why these concepts can be complex or even problematic -situate anti-racism work historically & differentiate it between other contemporary methods of addressing racism (e.g.- colorblindness & diversity/cultural competency trainings) -Look at various examples of where white folks working for social change have inadvertently reinforced unequal racial power dynamics & alienated people of color who are working towards the same goals - Introduce a model of what being an accountable white 'ally' to People of Color - Understand the value of both all-white or all-POC spaces And mulit-racial spaces for discussing & organizing against racism - Understand whats at stake for white folks to dismantle racism - How much we love each other & want to support each other in our work!
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Adam Roca