White folks Working Towards Racial Justice, Part 2

The second part we will start from a common basic understanding of what it is to a be an anti-racist white ally, both in one's daily life & in an accountable relationship to People of Color-led groups We will incorporate more Popular Education Tools, skill-building exercises & smallgroup discussion & activities to: - flesh out issues in Part 1 that folks want to explore more in depth - Share with each other successes & 'learning moments' that we've had while doing various types of social justice work - Engage in an exercise of 'naming of framing' oppressive racial dynamics that play out in our homes, workplaces, peer groups, and our movement work - Go more in depth into the what being an accountable white 'ally' to POC-led communities looks like - Develop an action plan to incorporate the new ideas & skills learned today and how we can commit & keep ourselves accountable to this aspect of our work for social justice
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Adam Roca